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Is it finally time for VR?

Virtual reality feels like one of those technologies whose time is always coming. Marketers and technologists like to claim it’s the next big thing, like ‘voice’ or artificial intelligence. But it’s always some way off, just beyond our horizon of need. Whereas, if ever there were a time for VR to shine, it’s right now. […]

A virtuoso performance

‘Virtual meetings are not a virtual conference’ Midway through a recent planning meeting, our Head of Client Services nailed the challenge for many during the current crisis: virtual meetings are not the same as virtual conferences, he said. Most people’s experience of virtual meetings is not dissimilar to face-to-face meetings. They often overrun, they sometimes […]

When the data is wrong

In the desire to be data-driven, you need to be asking for the data you don’t have. Back in World War II, the allies were losing bombers over occupied Europe at an alarming rate. Pilots were known to talk about the ‘coin-toss’, the 50/50 chance that they would make it back alive from each mission, […]


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