Engage Marketing is an award-winning specialist in B2B marketing and communications. We help you engage your audiences more effectively across all media from digital to live events. Our partnership model is ideal for the networked age, bringing diverse experience and expertise together to benefit your business. We work with you to bring clarity to your most complex marketing and communications challenges. To find out more, take a look around our website or contact us.

Engage was formed by senior marketing and communications professionals from multi-national agency and client backgrounds. We now work together in a unique partnership model for the networked economy. We have one thing in common: we believe in the power of great ideas to create impact for our clients.

From changing perceptions to changing behaviours, we work with clients on their marketing and communications challenges to create actions and reactions. Our goal is to help you stand out, to cut through a cluttered media landscape, to reach and fully engage your audiences. Whether that’s employees, customers, partners, press or other stakeholders, we use our expertise to bring clarity to the most complex business communications challenges.

From simple projects to long-term programmes, we work with you as an integral part of your team, increasing your capability and potential. We’re independent practitioners, not part of large plc group. That means we answer to our clients not our shareholders.

We think. We consult. We plan. We deliver.

How we work

If you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. We don’t think this way. We think first about you and your challenges. We research every brief, without fail. We look at things from different angles. We turn the telescope around and think like your audience does. We challenge your brief to ensure that, together, we’ll make a real difference to your marketing.

That’s the advantage of dealing with people who have nearly 200 years of senior marketing, communications and commercial experience between them. The chances are, we’ve seen opportunities like yours before. And can combine the latest technology with proven strategy to create a successful solution for you.

Why we think our model is one you’ll appreciate

It’s a familiar feeling. An agency pitches and you meet their brilliant senior brains. But a while into the relationship you’re in the hands of a competent but inexperienced account manager, never to see the senior team again. That was our experience of working for and with the major plc agency groups. And it was one we wanted to avoid.

With Engage, you’ll always work with a senior member of our team. All of our partners rejected the plc agency mentality to continue to work with clients, not run agencies for shareholders. Our team’s dividend is in seeing successful ideas delivered for clients like you. We’re as comfortable working on small briefs as large. What matters to us is the quality of the idea, not the size of your budget.

How can we deliver on this promise? Engage is a unique partnership that sees clients benefit from the networked economy. We provide large agency experience, thinking and expertise, but without the associated costs of a bloated advertising group. We know, we used to run them. And we provide all the flexibility and dedication of freelancers without the inherent risks associated with using contractors. We know, we used to use them. That’s the Engage Difference.