BAE Systems

The Challenge:

BAE Systems help their customers stay a step ahead when it comes to protecting people, national security, critical infrastructure and vital information. One of the ways the company is able to do this is through their significant investments in Research and Development. But how can you summarise such a massive undertaking across such a diverse company?

Strategy and Creative:

To help inform customers, government and press about the scale and impact of BAE Systems’ extraordinary R&D activities, Engage produces ‘Innovators’ in digital and print. From interviewing engineers about complex technologies to copywriting, design and production, we work in partnership with the company’s CTO team to ensure that senior customers and press understand the wealth of vibrant R&D successes. As a result, Innovators is not only a showcase for external stakeholders, it’s also a celebration of the incredible ‘Innovators’ behind technology advances which will benefit us all.