Building a positive reputation

The Challenge:

Bombardier is a global leader in trains and planes. In the UK, Bombardier manufactures in Derby, where trains have been rolling down production lines since 1839. As an organisation, Bombardier must regularly compete to sell trains into operating companies, including for major projects like London’s Crossrail.

The Brand and Strategy:

We developed a campaign brand and event strategy to herald the company’s new Aventra locomotive by recognising and celebrating 175 years of near continuous train production in Derby. Our ideas included linking the past and future to remind London-based decision makers of the importance of train-building in the UK.

Old trains joined their modern contemporaries for factory events which attracted dignitaries like the transport secretary to see first-hand the skill and craftsmanship of Bombardier’s UK workforce. Our recommendations included services of thanks, train-related film festivals, model railway exhibitions, viral campaigns and local installations. We also recommended events to promote and celebrate factory staff locally and nationally. Bombardier’s Aventra train was selected for Crossrail.