Lockheed Martin
Creating an engaging trade show programme

The Challenge:

Lockheed Martin places great importance on its outreach activity, engaging with customers and the public across a wide range of trade and air shows. The goal is to showcase the company’s plethora of incredible products and technologies such as: F-35, the Mk2 Merlin Helicopter, Mission Control Systems, Satellite and Space Technologies and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) portfolio. And by so doing, to enable audiences to better understand and interact with their capabilities.

The Strategy and Activity:

We are trusted to ensure exhibition assets and graphics remain compelling and promote the Lockheed Martin brand, as well as creating innovative interactive tools to engage all audiences (including visiting UK and overseas Services personnel).

The focus on new innovation has resulted in the development of some truly ground breaking digital entertainment: there’s a Wii based Merlin Helicopter challenge, allowing users to compete as they navigate through operations; the first Nintendo Kinect based 2D/3D F-35 flight challenge, where players tackle a multi-task mission via gesture control; and more tactile activities such as 3D Merlin ‘jigsaw’ and remote control hybrid airship obstacle courses. Each activity is designed to engage visitors and future engineers, reinforcing Lockheed Martin as a world leader in technological innovation.