Real Life Leisure Group
Increasing dwell times

The Challenge:

Real Life Leisure Group (now Parques Reunidos) operate theme parks and leisure attractions around the world. In a previous guise, members of our senior team were asked to help one of their most prestigious aquariums. Leisure venues are always looking to increase customer dwell times. Why? Because the longer customers stay, the more likely they are to spend money at the attraction’s shop, café or restaurant. Our challenge was clear. How could we increase customer dwell time by as much as thirty minutes, possibly longer?

The Strategy and Creative:

We conceived, designed and created (with our partners at Figment Productions) the world’s first ‘Interactive Dive Cage’. We took over a little used space in the venue and created a full-size virtual dive cage, featuring 12 screens, steel frame and flooring, and over 120 minutes of interactive animated content. We have sharks attacking the cage, dolphins to be petted and played with, educational games, we even have a blue whale swallowing the cage whole and a 3D journey through her stomach! The results? Dwell times increased, visitor numbers increased, revenue increased, and Figment Productions went on to become one of the world’s leading creators of digital and virtual experiences for theme parks.