About us

Engage creates compelling content. From stories that inspire to stories that sell, we engage audiences. We’re in the creative and causation business. We know how to craft a message that produces outcomes. From changing minds to changing behaviours. Across all media, we conceive and deliver ideas that generate results.

Our team has worked for the world’s leading agencies, and with global brands. We come from advertising, brand, communications, direct marketing, employee engagement, exhibition design, film, journalism, print and production. But we have one thing in common – content.

In a world that competes for our attention, we know the importance of creating great content that’s powerful enough to stop someone in their tracks, to motivate them, inspire them, educate them or enthral them.

That’s what we do. We make content that connects.

Look around our website for a brief glimpse of some of our higher-profile projects. And then, to discuss your unique challenges and to find out whether we’re the right partner for you, let’s talk

How we can work together

We like to work how you prefer to work. But there are a few things we’ll always do, a few principles we aim to abide by:

We’ll always tell it like it is

We were raised and trained to believe in best advice. We value long-term relationships based on honesty. Many of our clients have been with us through different incarnations over many years because we trust one another. We never sell you anything. We try to understand your pain and do our very best to take it away.

We won’t serve you the wrong meal

If you ask a fishmonger for a dinner recommendation, don’t be surprised when they recommend fish. Engage is completely media neutral and independently owned. We work across digital, experiential, print, film and whatever new media may emerge to deliver the best solution that works for you, and more importantly your audiences.

We never come under-gunned

You’ll always work directly with the people creating and delivering your project. And they’ll be experienced experts in their field. We don’t wheel out the big guns for pitches, presentations and lunch, and then let them slip quietly away while the work is done. Our team is your team.

We won’t charge like a wounded rhino

We know the value of our work. Years of experience and expertise earn the right to charge for the value we add. But we’re in this business for the long term, not a fast buck. We have no shareholders demanding a specific return. We’ll agree a price we both think is fair.

We’ll have fun

We like to enjoy work. Life is too short. It doesn’t matter how serious the projects or audiences are, the best work is delivered by people who enjoy what they do. We enjoy it. And we’d like you to enjoy it with us.

The kinds of clients we help

Our skills and expertise in communications, marketing and technology are equally valuable across all domains and industries. But we have specific strengths in defence, security, technology and manufacturing. We are proud members of Make UK, and work with many UK companies to promote their services, products and capabilities around the world. We are Cyber Essentials Certified, registered with Joscar and Exostar, and familiar with UK/NATO security classifications and requirements. Our clients include:

Let’s talk

We know that a website only provides a tiny glimpse of our capability. However long you spend here, it doesn’t tell you what it’s really like to work with us. So please, pick up the telephone or drop us a line, and let’s talk about your challenges and how we can help you overcome them:

Call: +44 (0) 1732 700739
Email: hello@engage marketing.co.uk

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