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12 December 2017

Three quick wins to improve your social media

We see and create a lot of social media content. And there are three things we see that are common to those who are winning at engaging existing and new audiences. 1. Turn the telescope around We reviewed a corporate Twitter feed recently to find 85% of content was irrelevant to our client’s audience. Company […]

08 May 2017

Landing your social media messages with impact

One of the great skills of marketing is targeting. Understanding our audiences and producing campaigns or materials which land with impact. It is, after all, the job of marketing to cause something. And with budgets increasingly stretched, it’s important we spend money where we achieve greatest effect. Yet often with social media, we move into […]

09 May 2016

Is the intranet dead?

It’s said that every cobbler has bad shoes, so it was with some trepidation that when we reached critical mass we decided to use our own mobile and app technology to engage with staff. Firstly, did we really need it? We don’t have a disparate channel audience. We’re relatively modest in size, albeit with offices on […]

24 September 2014

Engaging the Disconnected Generation

There was a time we feared our children living in front of a screen. The TV, computer or video game would make them less sociable, a potential generation of loners, unable to connect with the real world. But then along came ‘social media’. And far from being alone, we discovered our children inhabited a world […]