Digital Insights For Engagement

While there is concern about the capture of our on-line activities, it’s easy to overlook the tremendous potential benefit that insight derived from analysis of on-line behaviour can offer an organisation.

Years ago, when producing a company magazine, for example, the budgets rarely stretched to quantifiable robust research to determine the most and least popular content. And heaven forbid management should want to establish anything beyond popularity, such as uncovering the most effective content. And by effective, we mean content which moves the audience not just to read, but to think and even act differently.

Today’s technology holds no such fears for the initiated.

We can now use complex algorithms, surveys and analysis to evaluate not just the most popular content, but also that which generates the best results. Content which creates dialogue, is read, re-read and shared. Content which is understood and which elicits thinking and change. It’s a brave new world that not everyone has grasped.

We’re telling clients what their most effective on-line content is and helping them shape it to meet both explicit and implicit needs. We’re doing this with good old-fashioned maths and a skillset that you could call ‘electronic listening’ – scouring and analysing forums, delving into patterns of on-line behaviour, using and refining questioning techniques, engaging with users on their terms in their language.

We’re by no means alone in this regard. But we are relentless in pursuit of making our content work harder. How else do we know that 17% of a client’s users in a region of Mexico prefer their news without imagery? So that’s how we serve it to those specific users. And it works, engagement has gone up accordingly.

We’re now able to shed light where there once was a potential black hole called ‘communication’. And by combining the best of technology, well-researched messaging, we’re helping to better engage on-line audiences which benefits all parties.