We’ve solved three b2b marketing challenges

Engage has enjoyed great success in helping capability-based and professional services organisations market themselves more effectively. As well as brand positioning and awareness, we’ve also helped b2b marketing clients generate more leads and increase sales.

We’ve done this by repeatedly identifying and solving three key challenges which appear common among b2b marketing clients:

Be clear how you can help

People with problems are actively looking for someone to solve them. Take a look at your website and marketing collateral. Is your proposition really clear?

Is that proposition clear in your campaigns? Why would someone receiving, reading, or watching your campaign want to connect? What’s in it for them? Can they see quickly how your service will meet their needs? Most importantly, can they see how you will solve their problem? We make sure your proposition is appealing to your target audiences.

Dare to be different

It’s not always possible to say something profoundly different from your competitors – if you are all good at integration, innovation or share broadly similar expertise, for example. But you must stand out, or you won’t be noticed.

The trick is to find or create a point of difference. For example, you might: create your own process; come up with a name for your approach; highlight a valuable intricate detail of your service; adopt a position as market leader.

What if your people have a million hours of experience between them? Or you have over two thousand professional qualifications among the team? Or you were the first to achieve a key feat? We help you ‘find your different’ and major on it.

Focus on the follow-up

Finally, our experience suggests b2b marketing campaigns can lack effective sales follow-up.

Be realistic about how many engagements or leads your team can cope with and structure yourself to handle them effectively. Most importantly, provide a direct number, a direct email address, and ensure swift response. Scan and respond to social media engagements. Make your call to action clear and respond to enquiries better than your competitors.

Sometimes it’s these basic elements that get forgotten, and where a great b2b campaign does not result in the marketing success it deserves. We help you identify and manage this process.