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15 November 2017

Will you go out of your way for advertising?

Johann Jungwirth is Volkswagen Group’s Chief Digital Officer. Speaking at a recent event on the future of the car, Jungwirth suggested something interesting and potentially exciting for the future of advertisers, consumers and transport. Jungwirth sees a natural link between autonomous ‘cars’ and major brands. “If we consider the basics – like getting to the […]

07 June 2017

Is a marketing robot coming for you?

Recent research suggests Artificial Intelligence will take an increasing role in marketing. And in truth, many of us have already seen the impact of autonomy and automation. Email marketing engines, for example, have been split-testing and sending based on the best-performing subject lines for years. Likewise, we’re familiar with ad placement through Google. The best […]

23 May 2017

Marketing is about taking risks

We all know the risk-reward ratio, right? The usual way we learn about this ratio is with money. You can place your savings in a Post Office account and watch it grow steadily and slowly in relative safety. Or, you could invest in a new technology company. You like their idea, but you have to […]

31 October 2016

Content Marketing, it’s nothing new

Remember when BMW called Madonna a ****? Ok. So it wasn’t BMW directly, it was Clive Owen. But BMW paid him to say it at the direction of her former husband. You see, back in the early 2000s BMW wasn’t just making cars, it was also making movies. Eight movies of eight minutes. Just over […]

17 February 2015

Digital Insights For Engagement

While there is concern about the capture of our on-line activities, it’s easy to overlook the tremendous potential benefit that insight derived from analysis of on-line behaviour can offer an organisation. Years ago, when producing a company magazine, for example, the budgets rarely stretched to quantifiable robust research to determine the most and least popular […]