The rebirth of a legend

Harland and Wolff are arguably the world’s most famous shipbuilders. But the business has come a long way since 1912. Now under new management with bold ambitions, Engage produced this brand film to reflect the passion and dedication of a new generation of disruptors and engineers.

Celebrating an Icon

How do you celebrate thirty years of an iconic helicopter? Known affectionately as the ‘navy’s workhorse’, the Merlin is one of the most flexible aircraft in operation today and a key capability among the UK’s Carrier Strike Group. What better way to mark three decades then, than looking back to where it all began with this mini documentary produced by Engage?

Beyond innovation

Each year, BAE Systems makes a staggering investment in Research and Development to deliver significant advantage for its customers. But how can you summarise such a mammoth undertaking across such a diverse business? Engage produces ‘Innovators’ in digital and print to do just that. You can download a digital copy of the latest edition here.

Top gun exhibits

When the Fleet Air Arm Museum created a new immersive aircraft carrier experience, Engage was commissioned to showcase the incredible F-35. Using CGI and projection-mapping over a scale model of the aircraft, we tell the unique story of the world’s most advanced aircraft. For a great day out and a tour around an aircraft carrier, visit:

Showcasing Sophie’s talent

BAE Systems is a people business. It has over 90,000 of them around the globe. So, when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, the company understands completely the value of encouraging, supporting and celebrating difference. As champions of women in engineering, Engage was delighted to create a short film to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The best just got better

Since World War II, Raytheon has been instrumental in the development of RADAR. So much so, that today more than two-thirds of the world’s air traffic is managed by the company’s technologies. Engage was commissioned to make a short film to introduce Raytheon’s latest air traffic radar, the Condor MSSR Mk 3.

Tanks are better connected

The Combined Arms Tactical Trainer was launched in November 2002 by the UK MOD and Lockheed Martin. A unique simulation environment, it allows commanders to undertake complex wargaming across a whole range of exercises and scenarios, as this film produced by Engage to celebrate CATT’s 20th Anniversary highlights.

New capabilities for new threats

How do you communicate and explain the benefits of a technology that doesn’t yet exist? That was the task BAE Systems set Engage with LDEW (Laser Directed Energy Weapons). LDEW have the power to transform the way we target adversaries with increased accuracy, minimising casualties and reducing costs, as our unique animation demonstrates.

Winning the Royal Navy’s support

When Harland and Wolff bid to build the next generation of support ships for the UK Royal Navy, Engage produced an emotive film to accompany their tender. Highlighting H&W’s approach and including CGI to demonstrate the build strategy, our short film has since been used across media in the wake of a successful bid. #makingwaves

New thinking for a new world

BAE Systems has a long history of working across industry and academia to stimulate fresh thinking and great ideas. So naturally they were receptive to our concept of ‘Innovations Live’, bringing together SMEs, leading thinkers and government to consider and address the latest challenges and opportunities in the defence sector. Engage handled everything from content to catering.

Out of this world

When the global pandemic hit, Raytheon’s normal Quadcopter Challenge STEM programme seemed grounded, with school visits and national finals deemed impossible. But taking inspiration from NASA’s latest Mars Mission, Engage moved online and created a series of short films, guiding our intrepid explorers from their homes to the surface of the red planet.

Decarbonising our future

Flogas provides gas to homes and businesses who don’t have access to mains gas. Switching to gas offers major CO2 savings over other fossil fuels, but Flogas wants to go further. They commissioned Engage to make a short film about their plans to help reach net zero.

Towards net zero

When tpgroup plc launched their new hydrogen production capability, Engage was asked to create a short film to showcase the opportunities presented by a new greener, cleaner energy. Within a tight window and with limited budget ahead of launch, we pulled off CGI and innovative production techniques to showcase a new capability that didn’t yet exist.

Engineering the next generation

Who could have predicted that when BAE Systems asked Engage to help with a simple stand at the Big Bang Science Fair, a world first would result. Not content with just turning up, we conceived and created ‘Brains’ – an experience which wowed our target audience, their families and even seasoned engineers and STEM ambassadors.

Doing your bidding

How do you ensure your bid stands out? That you can bring clarity to a complex proposition? Or inject some much-needed sizzle to accompany your tender? That’s where our skills in scripting, storyboarding, designing, and animating come to the fore. We regularly create vignettes for clients, using access to our myriad models of vehicles, platforms and scenarios from across domains.

Multi-domain touchscreens

At DSEI in 2023, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence business wanted to showcase its latest technology to deliver robust battlefield connectivity, NetVIPRTM. Engage produced an interactive touchscreen presentation covering the full range of product capabilities and benefits, in an engaging but simple to use animated format.

Achieving Information Advantage

Leidos is a global leader in transformative solutions for business, with a significant capability in defence and security. Engage was asked to help Leidos introduce its capability in Tactical Data Links, which we did through a suite of interactive infographics and animation.

A global vision

Back in 2012, when BAE Systems asked Engage to create a global video to summarise the company’s capabilities, we wanted a film which did justice to the incredible scope and scale of the business. Hence the idea of the ‘Visionarium’ – a stunning homage to the brand and its people.