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14 August 2020

Making Data Beautiful

Infographics are enjoying something of a renaissance. It’s easy to see why. With more channels available and the potential for information overload, making your data standout has never been more challenging. And that’s what Infographics can do. In simple terms, we take information and represent it graphically, in a way that makes people want to […]

18 May 2020

Is it finally time for VR?

Virtual reality feels like one of those technologies whose time is always coming. Marketers and technologists like to claim it’s the next big thing, like ‘voice’ or artificial intelligence. But it’s always some way off, just beyond our horizon of need. Whereas, if ever there were a time for VR to shine, it’s right now. […]

07 May 2020

A virtuoso performance

‘Virtual meetings are not a virtual conference’ Midway through a recent planning meeting, our Head of Client Services nailed the challenge for many during the current crisis: virtual meetings are not the same as virtual conferences, he said. Most people’s experience of virtual meetings is not dissimilar to face-to-face meetings. They often overrun, they sometimes […]

28 April 2020

When the data is wrong

In the desire to be data-driven, you need to be asking for the data you don’t have. Back in World War II, the allies were losing bombers over occupied Europe at an alarming rate. Pilots were known to talk about the ‘coin-toss’, the 50/50 chance that they would make it back alive from each mission, […]

23 April 2020

We’ve solved three b2b marketing challenges

Engage has enjoyed great success in helping capability-based and professional services organisations market themselves more effectively. As well as brand positioning and awareness, we’ve also helped b2b marketing clients generate more leads and increase sales. We’ve done this by repeatedly identifying and solving three key challenges which appear common among b2b marketing clients: Be clear […]

27 January 2020

Where are all the engineers?

The Big Bang Science Fair takes place in March this year at the NEC Birmingham. We work with a number of brands who attend this event designed to attract the next generation of engineers, for whom competition has never been so tough. Despite countless government and industry initiatives, a UK skills and expertise shortage endures, […]

01 November 2018

How was it for you?

B2B marketing and sales departments are usually well up to speed with why customers buy their products, but are often less clued-up about how they buy them. So how do sales to new customers happen? By what process does a prospective customer move from a state of knowing nothing about your products or services to […]

05 June 2016

Who really needs a faster horse?

You’re probably familiar with the story. Apocryphal or otherwise, the legend goes that Henry Ford dismissed customer research with the phrase, “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” But not every company can rely on product innovation to create or grow market share. For many, invention isn’t […]

17 February 2015

Enterprise Social Media – The Final Frontier

Recent events have seen the spotlight thrown onto the use of social media in ‘ungoverned’ environments, with sometimes tragic consequences. Now when we consider our own digital, connected work environments we have to ask, “Whose responsibility is it to govern the internal communications landscape for the benefit of the business?”